Drain the DC Swamp, Spread the Word!

Stefan Molyneux on John Conyers and Congress :

More at Buzzfeed: Conyers Denies

And at Drudge: “Powerful Congressman Harassed Her…..

Your Tax Dollars, misused! This is (should be) the beginning of the end. Spread the Word! 

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Get Out of My Space, You Creep

In her new book, Hillary is crying about Trump supposedly “breathing down my back” during the 2nd Presidential Debate. This whole thing was contrived and staged from the get-go. It was a pathetic attempt to relive the glory days of her being the ultimate victim of the patriarchy, of being intimidated by her male political opponent.

Remember back to her 2000 campaign for the U.S. Senate in New York? In her debate with Rep. Rick Lazio the regressive media repeatedly pressed the lie that Lazio “invaded her space” in an attempt to intimidate her because she was a woman. The Washington Post:

The Senate campaign of Rep. Rick Lazio (R-N.Y.) all but collapsed when he walked over to former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s podium with a piece of paper and demanded she sign a pledge against soft money. Lazio came off as bullying and inappropriate.

Invading Hill's Space

Invading Hill’s Space

Slate.com openly suggested that Hillary should hope for a Lazio Moment in her debate with Trump. Of course this is all it took, the media, like the fake news channel (Clinton News Network) could be counted on the set it all up. It’s really quite simple: use a long focal length lens and shoot from the back of the auditorium. This is a simple technique, the long lens “compresses” and flattens the field it’s called perspective distortion. Trump probably never came within 7 feet of Her Majesty but, right on  cue as she passed in front of Mr. Trump, the long lens camera was used to make it look as though he was “lurking” and “breathing down her back”.

lurking Trump

lurking Trump

What a joke! The Clinton’s are old and tired, just like this stupid stunt. Hillary is just a big crybully. Thank goodness that nobody falls for this crap anymore.


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Never Forget, Never Forgive

Remembering 9/11/2001. A tribute to all Americans effected by this evil attack and to our brave first responders, fire and police, and to our troops who stood up to evil.

Slideshow including the memorials in New York, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

One Wold Trade 2014

One World Trade – all but 2 photos by LB Galt

God Bless America.

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The Weather Channel for Irma Coverage

Thanks to The Weather Channel for their excellent Hurricane IRMA Coverage.

Unbiased, un-politicized. Just useful up-to-date Information.

If you have relatives in Florida, or just want useful real-time coverage, “You are in the right place”.

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The Battle of Alligator Creek, Guadalcanal +75

August 21st, 2017 marks the 75th Anniversary of the WWII “Battle of the Tenaru”, also known by the U.S. Marines who fought it, as the “Battle of Alligator Creek”.  This was the first engagement of U.S. and Japanese land forces to fight in WWII. The fierce, but one-sided, battle took place on the island of Guadalcanal, in the British Solomon Islands, on 21 August 1942.

In April 1942 the Japanese occupied Guadalcanal and by July had started construction of  an airfield that would became the locus of the entire Guadalcanal campaign.

On 7 August 1942 the 1st Marine Division landed on Guadalcanal, Florida and Tulagi,  and took possession of the airfield which they named Henderson Field.

The Japanese, for their part, were determined to retake the airfield and expel the American forces. On 19 August the Imperial Japanese Navy landed a detachment of the IJA 28th Regiment under the command of Colonel Kiyonao Ichiki consisting of 916 men.

Ichiki was a proud and supremely confident commander. His orders were to scout out the American positions and to await the arrival of the remainder of his regiment, about 2,300 men. Instead, his plan was to press his detachment immediately into battle with the Marines at Henderson field.

According to Wikipedia, his journal entry for 18 August was:

“18 August, landing; 20 August, march by night and battle; 21 August, enjoyment of the fruit of victory” – Wikipedia, “Battle of the Tenaru”

Ichiki had an intelligence briefing that indicated 2,000-10,000 U.S. troops were in place around Henderson Field. Evidently he disregarded the higher estimates in the report because his battle plan was to march about 800 men of his detachment straight down the shoreline and make a full frontal assault when they encountered the American lines.

The commander of U.S. Forces on Guadalcanal, General Alexander Archer Vandegrift did not anticipate an attack from the east and therefore concentrated his defenses along the west side of the “Alligator”/Tenaru River. They were well entrenched and equipped with water-cooled .3o caliber machine guns, 37mm cannons with canister rounds, mortars, Browning Automatic Rifles, and of course the ’03 Springfield bolt-action rifle.

100 of Ichiki’s troops began their first assault across a sand bar at the river’s mouth. The barrage commenced with rifle fire and mortars at about 01:30. Along with machine gun fire, the 37mm canister rounds were devastating, most of the charging Japanese were annihilated on the sand bar.

The second wave of 150-200 troops came at about 02:30. Again, across the sand bar, and met with a similar fate. Ichiki refused suggestions to withdraw.

After regrouping, the Japanese tried a mortar barrage but this was met with return mortars and 75mm artillery fire from the Marines.

At 05:00 a third wave was attempted by way of wading into the surf, hoping to make an assault on the west bank of creek. This wave was repulsed with machine gun and artillery fire, again with Ichiki’s men sustaining heavy casualties.

After daybreak, the Marines decided to counter-attack. Planes from Henderson Field strafed the coconut grove where pockets of remaining Japanese were hunkered down. In the afternoon 5 M3 Stuart Tanks attacked the grove with machine gun and canister munitions. They also used the treads of the tanks to roll over bodies to ensure that none remained alive to continue the fight.

From Wikipedia: Alligator Creek Aftermath. The fate of Col. Ichki is not entirely clear, his was either killed in action or committed ritual suicide. Only about 30 members of Ichki’s detachment survived their deployment to Guadalcanal.

From Wikipedia

From Wikipedia


The U.S. Marines on Guadalcanal learned some very important lessons from this first encounter with the Japanese soldier. As an enemy he was ruthless, tenacious, cruel, and could be counted on to always fight to the death.  He would give no quarter and ask none. This was the lesson learned early and became an organizing principle for the remainder of the  Pacific Campaign: The way forward to was to “kill Japs”. Admiral “Bull” Halsey, famously said about his plan for victory, simply “Kill Japs! Kill Japs! Kill more Japs!”

But, also important, the Marines learned that the Japanese were not invincible.  As a matter of fact, and this was borne out by history, the United States Marine Corps would never lose a battle to the Japanese in the Pacific Campaign.

Further it was clear, early on, that this war with Japan would not, and could not, be waged under any semblance or concept of the “rules of war”.  For instance, the “rule” that medics and corpsmen were not to be targeted (or armed) had to be dispensed with almost immediately. The Red Cross symbols were removed and medic and corpsmen were armed because the Japanese would target them on the battle field. Interestingly, this was not true for the European Theater. For the most part, the German regular army (the Wehmacht) respected the Geneva Convention, at least with respect to Allied Soldiers (see “Citizen Soldier“).

My Father

On a personal note: My father was in the 1st Marine Division and a Guadalcanal veteran. He was not at the Battle of Alligator Creek. He was a member of the engineering battalion that worked on Henderson Field. He told us stories of how they would quickly repair the field with crushed coral to fill in bomb or shell craters and then replace the “landing mat” and keep the field open. It’s somewhat amusing, but sometimes it wasn’t enemy action, but carrier pilots that created work for the engineers: by extending their landing hooks as they would in preparing for a carrier landing, the hook would catch the landing mat and pop, pop, ping, ping, the mat would fly all over the field!

August 2013

In August of 2013 we (my wife and I) were privileged to be able to tour Guadalcanal and especially Henderson Field where my father served our country as a U.S. Marine. He was only 20 years old at the time. Besides Alligator Creek,  were able to visit Beach ‘Red’, Edson’s “Bloody” Ridge, Mt Austen, the Matanikau River etc. Here is a photo gallery from our trip to “Alligator Creek”:

Below is a Photo Gallery for Hell’s Point Explosive Ordnance Training Area. This area is the battle ground of the Tenaru and much of the unexploded ordnance may be from the battle. Native Solomon Islanders still encounter dangerous munitions in farming and building activities.

Thank you. This post is dedicated to the United States Marine Corps 1st Marine Division and to the men who fought this epic battle 75 years ago.

God’s speed, Les B Galt.

Update: 2 October 2017

This Clip from the great 1952 Documentary Film Series “Victory At Sea” sums up very nicely the contemporary attitudes of Americans regarding the battle of Guadalcanal. It enshrines the U.S. Marine victory along side the Greeks at Thermopylae, the Colonialists at Valley Forge and the British at Waterloo. (pretty good company!)



From Pacific Wrecks:
During the Battle of the Tenaru on August 21-22, 1942 this area was at the western edge of the battlefield and many Japanese Army soldiers were killed on the beach nearby. Afterwards, the area was nicknamed “Hell’s Point“.

Lt. Col. Joe Mueller’s “Guadalcanal 1942: The Marines Strike Back

Thanks to Wikipedia

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A True(r) Version of the Political Spectrum

Leftists are practiced sophists. They are skilled revisionists and strive to always control the narrative. They artfully choose the terminology and labels they employ to frame perceptions about political issues and how people remember past history.

One of the Left’s major revisionist (and largely successful) ploys  was to re-categorize the NAZIs as somehow being Right-Wing. This is absurd, but many still view Communism as Left-wing and the National Socialist German Worker Party as “Right-wing”. This is not philosophically or theoretically tenable . The “Right” cannot, by nature, be tyrannical or authoritarian. This is because as we move to the right on the political spectrum the rights and the prominence of the individual become more manifest and important, while at the same time the role and power of the state is diminished. Tyranny stems from the overarching power of the state and this is what the Left is all about.

Before and during World War II nobody considered the NAZIs to be Right-wing. It was obvious to all that Hitler and Stalin were men of the Left. Because the former was so thoroughly vilified, he and the NAZIs could serve, for the Left, as convenient objects of disgust and hate by all decent people. For the Left it was essential that he and the NAZIs be re-categorized as Right-wing, (as silly as this might seem). The Left has always been audacious with their sophistry and reliant on a sycophant press and a willfully ignorant base, neither of which has ever let them down.

Dinesh D’Souza brilliantly makes all this clear in this video:


Below is my version of a more historically accurate political spectrum:

spectrumPlease see Dinesh D’Souza’s new book:

“The Big Lie: Exposing The Nazi Roots of the American Left”

Thoughtful and informed  people have known the truth for a long time, Don’t be fooled, the NAZIs were / are Leftists:

Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change – by Jonah Goldberg

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Iwo Jima Gallery

This gallery is dedicated to the memory of the brave US Marines and Sailors who fought the fierce battle on Iwo Jima 72 years ago in February-March 1945. Most of the photos were taken personally during a 2007 visit to the island. We were honored to attend as part of the “Reunion of Honor” ceremonies  that were held on 14 March, 2007. 

« 1 of 2 »

We visited the USMC Memorial in the fall of 2014 (below is a YouTube slide show link)

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KKK and the Democrats, One and the Same

KKK Democrats

KKK Democrats

Who are the anti-Semites and racists, the Democrats of course!

A guest post over at TheGatewayPundit by Joe Hoft reveals, yet again, the depth of hate at the soul of the Democrat Party. They are the party of slavery, Jim Crow and corruption.

from TheGatewayPundit.com, Joe Hoft:

KKK Leader David Duke Supports Democrat Party Deputy Chair and Muslim Keith Ellison

Thanks to TheGatewayPundit for all the great work, revealing the truth!

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It’s Always the Left Who are Violent, They are the NAZIs

American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson has an interesting piece today, “Google Redefines ‘fascism’ as a Right Wing Movement“. This effort is nothing new, they’ve been at it for decades, it makes no sense, of course,  but they persist none the less.

Amazingly, the Leftists remain undeterred, even when it’s blindingly obvious on the face of it. The big clue is in the name, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei,  or National Socialist German Workers Party. You don’t get more Left-Wing than that! They are so pained because this much and appropriately reviled ideology is, like all totalitarian, tyrannical regimes, a manifestly Left-wing movement.

Because of it’s focus on, and it’s fidelity to the individual, the right cannot really be oppressive and violent the way the Left is. Right wingers are much less subject to tribalism and cults of personality. The right believes in the individual, the family, a civil society and the rule of law. We conservatives aren’t really comfortable in a mob. Group think is not our ‘thing’.

If one knows anything about conservatives and has ever seen the NAZI propaganda films, or the huge assemblies to listen to their “fuhrer” you would sense in an instant that this is not, in any sense, right-wing. In fact it would be silly and absurd to think so.

As Thomas Lifson noted, if you google NAZI it will return results suggesting it to be, some how right-wing.  Look closely at the (weak) arguments, here in a screen shot:


Note the ‘argument’ that NAZIs were vehemently opposed to ‘actual’ communists and socialists. Absurdly, the writer is even suggesting that Soviet-brand Communism is somehow not related to Socialism! That’s right, we are to believe the ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ is not socialist! Also, remember the Hitler/Stalin pact, two socialist, men of the Left, making a pact of cooperation to carve up and divide the spoils of aggressive war in Europe. As usual the google writer’s sole argument is the mere assertion that anyone suggesting that the NAZIs were socialists and left-wing, is a ‘propagandist’ for the American right. They label because they cannot refute.

This is like Obama, ridiculously, saying the Islamic State has noting to do with Islam! Would you buy an argument that says a Sunni Muslim is NOT Islamic because he may be ‘vehemently’ opposed to a Shiite Muslim, or that the Shiite is not Islamic either. Of course you wouldn’t (it’s stipulated that ‘you’ are in possession of a brain).

In the end we have another of the endless examples of the Left living in La-La Land. That is really their biggest problem and why they are so unhappy. They can’t see or comprehend the world as it is. They need so desperately for it to be what, in their minds, it ought to be. This is actually a dangerous form of insanity. The poor Lefties ought to be committed, for their and our own good.

Look it up. Virtually ALL of history’s tyrants,  assassins and terrorists have been of the Left.

Stay cool, Les.

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No, It’s Not a ‘Muslim’ Ban

President Trump’s order temporarily suspending visas and the entry of refugees from suspect terrorist nations is not a “Muslim Ban“. It is nearly identical to the ban instituted by not-our-current-president, Barack Obama, back in 2011. In fact our President’s order is most accurately described as a continuation of the not-our-current-president’s Iraqi ban and includes the same list of countries suspected of being state sponsors of terrorism.

There are important exceptions and protections for diplomats and for religious minorities from the affected countries. Here is a salient quote from the White House, via zerohedge.com:

To be clear, this is not a Muslim ban, as the media is falsely reporting. This is not about religion – this is about terror and keeping our country safe. There are over 40 different countries worldwide that are majority Muslim that are not affected by this order. We will again be issuing visas to all countries once we are sure we have reviewed and implemented the most secure policies over the next 90 days. I have tremendous feeling for the people involved in this horrific humanitarian crisis in Syria. My first priority will always be to protect and serve our country, but as President I will find ways to help all those who are suffering.”

Stefan Molyneux, as always, has an excellent take on the whole business:

As usual, do your due diligence, read up on what’s really happening. Get the proper historical prospective and context that will allow you to come to a reasonable understanding about this important event. It’s not unprecedented, in fact it’s prudent and will make us much safer over time.

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