Brussels Bombing Reveals New Tactic?


Yes we are!

Foxnews Breaking News: Brussels Terrorist Attack

What the terrorists have learned and Western security agencies must come to grips with, is that it is not necessary to get bombs on planes in order to disrupt and terrorize the air transport system.

As the bombings in Brussels demonstrate, the check-in area at the airport is OUTSIDE the security perimeter. It is dense with targets and no screening has commenced, save for perhaps, video surveillance. Also, obviously, large explosive devices can be brought into the target area hidden in luggage. This will be a tough nut to crack, security wise.

It should make anyone who cares about our national security long for the days of George W. Bush. Obama undid the success we achieved in Iraq. The fact is we took the fight to the terrorists on their own turf and they ended up complicit in their own demise. By their rushing in from all over the Arab world to fight and expel the “infidels”, we were able to kill them by the tens of thousands.

Now they are living among us abetted by our own president. He clings to them, giving them aid and comfort, but no one will say the ‘T’ word. If you want to know our future, you have only to look at Europe’s present. Let’s not be stupid. Hillary is doing just that.




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