Clinton Bad Blood

As incredible as it may seem, the Clintons are even more loathsome and despicable than we have ever imagined. Yes, we know they are corrupt, money grubbing liars. That they are life long sells outs of anything virtuous and decent. We know them to be criminals of the first rank, etc. We (most of us) aren’t stupid.

But this takes the cake. The U.K. Daily Mail’s exclusive revelation from long time Clinton paramour, Dolly Kyle. has this amazingly disgusting tidbit about how the Clintons, working though some of their many cronies, knowingly sold the HIV tainted blood of Arkansas inmates to Canadian recipients. 8000 to 10,ooo people died.

“They (the Clintons) were always ‘on the lookout for additional income’, Dolly writes.
She adds: ‘I first heard about this particular deal when a couple of guys from Canada contacted me in Dallas to ask for my help.’
Dolly agreed to meet the men who were ‘terrified of the Clintons’. One man stated he was going to die soon so he wasn’t afraid.
‘Steve was one of over two thousand Canadians infected with HIV, the AIDS virus,’ Dolly claims. The source was traced to bad blood collected from inmates in Arkansas’ prisons.
Inmates were paid $7 a pint for their blood and ‘Billy’s cronies then sold the prisoners’ blood to some blood brokers for $50 per pint’.
When it was discovered that the blood was tainted, prisons instituted a ‘screening process’ which was merely a ‘screening clerk’ who was selling ‘the right to bleed’ to prisoners.
Infected prisoners continued to sell their blood as long as they bribed the screening clerk. Instead of the $7 fee, some received drugs.
Arkansas prisons were banned from selling blood when government officials learned that the bad blood was coming from the state.
Getting around that ban, dummy corporations were set up in other states to purchase the bad blood and then resell it.
All of that infected blood went to Canada, where between 8,000 and 10,000 people died.
Little Rock journalist Suzi Parker took on Clinton and his role in the tainted blood scandal in an exposé. She quit her investigation when she started receiving threatening phone calls in the middle of the night, writes Dolly.

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Wow. Don’t be a fool. Inform yourself. Bill and Hillary Clinton have always been in it for themselves. There is no one and nothing that they will respect; nothing and no one that they will not exploit. All of us, our country, and all things decent, are beneath contempt to them.



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