Diversity is Death, Japan has it Right

For those of us living in the West there is always present the intractable, over arching mega problem. Never really addressed reasonably and, certainly never resolved, one such is immigration, legal and otherwise.

We know the drill about the wonders of “Diversity” and the economic “necessity” of an expanding population. And let’s never forget that anyone hinting at a contrary view must surely be a xenophobe and a racist, of course. Not to mention being “deplorable”.

It’s so ingrained, that most of us have never wondered or contemplated that it might not be true at all. That is, that diversity is a positive good, or the the economy can only grow with an (ever) expanding population.

Maybe it should be no surprise that the Japanese have been insightful and wise enough to question this “truism” of Western Culture and found it to be lacking and not true at all. This insight and acting on it, will save them, their culture, and their future.

Please enjoy this video from Black Pigeon Speaks on youtube.com. I think you may experience an “Ah So!” moment:

Just excellent. There are so many of these problems that persist for decades, unresolved and even unaddressed in any meaningful way. The solutions are often simple: just stop being stupid! Problem solved!


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