Dr Ben Carson, we need to listen to this wise man.


Recently it has become rather obvious the lamestream media is at it again, now gunning for Dr. Ben Carson. With his surge in the polls and fund raising success, it’s not unexpected.

What is interesting are the issues they have pressed in their attacks. As usual, they would have you believe that Dr. Carson has been caught in a “gotcha” of some form or has made a “controversial” statement or answer to a question.

One of the first might have been his (actually well considered) opinion that a Muslim might not be a great choice for president.  Dr. Carson merely made the reasonable observation that Islam is antithetical to a constitutional republic. Islam is more than a religion, it has it’s own cultural, ideological, legal and societal organizing principles that are incompatible with our constitution. It does not, for instance, recognize any fundamental human rights.  And certainly has no concept of equality, or even tolerance for different religious beliefs. A believing Muslim president would be condemned, by fellow Muslims,  as some sort of apostate or heretic if he were to show fidelity to our constitution.

Another “controversy” arose when Dr. Carson said he would not “just stand there” and be shot by a mass shooter. He said he would attack and urge others to join in. The lamestreamers tried to spin this as if Dr. Carson meant this as advice to students in an active shooter situation. He did nothing of the kind. He simply stated what he would do. And it makes a lot of sense. Of course it is a desperate and terrible situation to be in, but being bold and aggressive is sometimes the only option.

The other day NBC nightly news (again) threw out the “controversial” slander about Dr. Carson’s observation that European Jews might have resisted the National Socialist Germans who were attempting to exterminate them, if they had been armed.  NBC’s Andrea Mitchell made this idea out to be, somehow, “mischaracterizing” the Holocaust, or something.

This hackneyed line is as vapid as Andrea herself. Maybe she just forgot about the armed resistance factions that formed in France, Poland and Yugoslavia during World War II. More to the point the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, with only a sparse arms cache available, were able to hold off the German army for nearly a month in April and May 1943. Casualties were inflicted, the German advance was stopped and weapons were captured. Even a small base of arms available to, and held by, citizens can be an essential element of their freedom.


This is an important concept to understand. As Dr. Carson noted, tyrannical regimes will always precede their atrocities with gun confiscation. A free people must be armed and only an illegitimate government would fear arms in the hands of its citizens.

Update October 14, 2015

Dennis Prager has some worthy insights (as usual) at National Review Online

The Left Really Hates Dr. Ben Carson


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