For Hillary, Not Even a Hint of Irony.

Hillary Clinton on Wall Street: ‘No one should be too big to jail’

Hillary Rodham Clinton, December 7, 2015

“I would also ensure that the federal government has — and is prepared to use — the authority and tools necessary to reorganize, downsize and ultimately break up any financial institution that is too large and risky to be managed effectively,” she added. “No bank or financial firm should be too big to manage.”

Of course, to idiot leftists like Hillary, the Federal Government can never be too big to “manage”.  There are  “authority and tools” provided by the U.S. constitution. It’s called Federalism and must be vigorously applied to the current federal government. We desperately need to “downsize and ultimately break up” the federal government. This would be far more beneficial to the well being of our country than allowing one of history’s biggest morons  to “manage” Wall Street and the banks.



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