Get Out of My Space, You Creep

In her new book, Hillary is crying about Trump supposedly “breathing down my back” during the 2nd Presidential Debate. This whole thing was contrived and staged from the get-go. It was a pathetic attempt to relive the glory days of her being the ultimate victim of the patriarchy, of being intimidated by her male political opponent.

Remember back to her 2000 campaign for the U.S. Senate in New York? In her debate with Rep. Rick Lazio the regressive media repeatedly pressed the lie that Lazio “invaded her space” in an attempt to intimidate her because she was a woman. The Washington Post:

The Senate campaign of Rep. Rick Lazio (R-N.Y.) all but collapsed when he walked over to former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s podium with a piece of paper and demanded she sign a pledge against soft money. Lazio came off as bullying and inappropriate.

Invading Hill's Space

Invading Hill’s Space openly suggested that Hillary should hope for a Lazio Moment in her debate with Trump. Of course this is all it took, the media, like the fake news channel (Clinton News Network) could be counted on the set it all up. It’s really quite simple: use a long focal length lens and shoot from the back of the auditorium. This is a simple technique, the long lens “compresses” and flattens the field it’s called perspective distortion. Trump probably never came within 7 feet of Her Majesty but, right on  cue as she passed in front of Mr. Trump, the long lens camera was used to make it look as though he was “lurking” and “breathing down her back”.

lurking Trump

lurking Trump

What a joke! The Clinton’s are old and tired, just like this stupid stunt. Hillary is just a big crybully. Thank goodness that nobody falls for this crap anymore.



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