Hand-Out Nation

We recently returned from an eight day tour in the Solomon Islands. By any standard the Solomon Islanders would be ranked among the poorest people in the world. In 2011 they ranked 143 of 192 countries in terms of per capita GDP, or about US$1517(1). Our tour had us out in the streets of Honiara, the capital city, and into the hills and villages where subsistence farming is the occupation of 75% of the population. Not once were we approached by a local with his hand out. Theirs is not a country of  beggars. They were happy to offer us “on sale”, their crafts, jewelery, food, and especially artifacts retrieved from the battle fields of WWII. They were always ready to bargain on price and to offer their services to help us navigate the sights, and to avoid trouble etc. It was easy to sense their pride and feeling of parity in offering something of value, to engage in commerce with us as equals and in mutual benefit.


Then, not 24 hours after our return to the States, while in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, on the way in to shop for groceries, we are pan-handed by a (fat) woman holding a bag of Pampers, claiming she was robbed and only needed a few dollars to feed her starving children. Yeah, right. Judging by her girth, she must have eaten all her kids WIC/SNAP hand-outs! It is pathetic what has become of our once-great country. This is the future, Hand-Out Nation.


This is what we reap from ANY support of a decadent, corrupt-to-the-core political party that seeks only to turn every instrumentality of government into political advantage in the creation of their one party state.




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Les B Galt is a retired research biochemist originally from San Diego, CA. He has published 50+ journal articles and a book chapter in the fields of Nephrology and Neuroscience. He and Mrs. Les relocated to the island of Guam in 2004 where Les taught microbiology labs for nursing students at the University of Guam. Since returning stateside in 2011 Les and his wife have lived in Houston TX, San Clemente CA, New York City, and Las Vegas NV. Les is an avid runner and hiker and a two time cancer survivor.
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