Heaven Help Us. Not Another 8 Years of This…..

Via Drudge: Blames ‘Hillarycare’ Failure On Sexism…

Evidently this is to be the new dynamic: We must elect some new incarnation of an “historic” personage as our president, and ever after the new “historic” figure is to be granted immunity from ANY dissent, criticism or even debate. To disagree, will be tantamount to an admission of racism, sexism, homophobia or what ever. No debate on the merits is to be tolerated. Ever.

It’s incomprehensible that Hillary Clinton is considered a serious candidate for president. Heaven forbid that beyond the damage this corrupt, incompetent and hateful person would do as president, we would also have to endure incessant  charges of “sexism” aimed at anyone who might dare to disagree.  Eight years of this crap, when finally over, will have been more than enough.

Ironically, a shrieking Hillary made this exact point. If her sentiment and logic are valid for anyone they are equally valid for everyone. We are all Americans and individuals. If we disagree with a politician, for God’s sake, that does not make us racists, sexists or bigots of any kind. IT DOES NOT EVEN MAKE US WRONG!


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