It’s Always the Left Who are Violent, They are the NAZIs

American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson has an interesting piece today, “Google Redefines ‘fascism’ as a Right Wing Movement“. This effort is nothing new, they’ve been at it for decades, it makes no sense, of course,  but they persist none the less.

Amazingly, the Leftists remain undeterred, even when it’s blindingly obvious on the face of it. The big clue is in the name, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei,  or National Socialist German Workers Party. You don’t get more Left-Wing than that! They are so pained because this much and appropriately reviled ideology is, like all totalitarian, tyrannical regimes, a manifestly Left-wing movement.

Because of it’s focus on, and it’s fidelity to the individual, the right cannot really be oppressive and violent the way the Left is. Right wingers are much less subject to tribalism and cults of personality. The right believes in the individual, the family, a civil society and the rule of law. We conservatives aren’t really comfortable in a mob. Group think is not our ‘thing’.

If one knows anything about conservatives and has ever seen the NAZI propaganda films, or the huge assemblies to listen to their “fuhrer” you would sense in an instant that this is not, in any sense, right-wing. In fact it would be silly and absurd to think so.

As Thomas Lifson noted, if you google NAZI it will return results suggesting it to be, some how right-wing.  Look closely at the (weak) arguments, here in a screen shot:


Note the ‘argument’ that NAZIs were vehemently opposed to ‘actual’ communists and socialists. Absurdly, the writer is even suggesting that Soviet-brand Communism is somehow not related to Socialism! That’s right, we are to believe the ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ is not socialist! Also, remember the Hitler/Stalin pact, two socialist, men of the Left, making a pact of cooperation to carve up and divide the spoils of aggressive war in Europe. As usual the google writer’s sole argument is the mere assertion that anyone suggesting that the NAZIs were socialists and left-wing, is a ‘propagandist’ for the American right. They label because they cannot refute.

This is like Obama, ridiculously, saying the Islamic State has noting to do with Islam! Would you buy an argument that says a Sunni Muslim is NOT Islamic because he may be ‘vehemently’ opposed to a Shiite Muslim, or that the Shiite is not Islamic either. Of course you wouldn’t (it’s stipulated that ‘you’ are in possession of a brain).

In the end we have another of the endless examples of the Left living in La-La Land. That is really their biggest problem and why they are so unhappy. They can’t see or comprehend the world as it is. They need so desperately for it to be what, in their minds, it ought to be. This is actually a dangerous form of insanity. The poor Lefties ought to be committed, for their and our own good.

Look it up. Virtually ALL of history’s tyrants,  assassins and terrorists have been of the Left.

Stay cool, Les.


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