It’s Just a Clock and Mohamed Atta was Just an Engineer

From “Week in Pictures”


 Unbelievably (or maybe not so much) the main stream media has fallen for a manifestly silly and obvious political stunt. Evidently the White House and several ‘Titans of Tech’ have swallowed it whole as well.

A little twerp (and probably his father)  pulled the guts out of an old electric alarm clock, set it up with ‘scary’ wires and housed them in a briefcase sized box with the obvious intend to incite alarm among his teachers and school officials who would suspect it to be a homemade bomb.

He tried to pass himself off as some kind of cleaver, budding electrical engineer. He merely just stole the innards of the clock, rigged the wires etc to make it look as much like a bomb as possible and passed it off as his “invention”.

 Any half-wit should have seen right through this farce. Get serious!

Breitbart: Ahmed and the Islamophobic Clock

The media is probably complicit, if not, it wouldn’t be the first time they fell for an obvious hoax…

Update October 16

Seriously, hoaxing and purposeful frauds of this nature, that seek to incite and provoke the fears associated with terrorism ought to be prosecuted as crimes. Think of them as the equivalent of “joking” about a bomb at the Airport…

Judge Napolitano Argues for a fraud case against Ahmed’s parents if this was a purposeful hoax.

Update October 21

Good News, Fake “Innovator” Ahmed Mohammed and his Clan are Leaving for Qatar. Let’s Hope they Never Come Back.

American Thinker: ‘Clock Boy’ Moving to Qatar

According to AP News:

“The family said it accepted an offer from the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development to join its Young Innovators Program.”

The young “genius” will probably matriculate to the most advanced programs within the Foundation. Word is that they are on the cusp of miraculous new concepts such as toilet paper, and maybe even soap!




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