Leading From Behind…….


At this point it matters not from who or where from…. As long as it leads the fool out of the White House and out of our misery. Thank God, only one more week! Go Sunny! Good boy! Right out the gate! Good Riddance…etc.

Update: Seriously, the above photo is actually quite revealing. It’s clear which of the two is dominate and who is in charge/command. Of course the dog knows nothing about titles such a “Commander in Chief”. It only knows dominance and who the real leader should be. In this case it’s clearly the dog. More assertive, more confident and more dominate! Barack H. Obama, despite his egotistical and narcissistic tendencies has always been very weak and tentative. Like most Liberals, he suffers a deep seated, and justified lack of self-confidence. He is famously thin-skinned.

Living a self sufficient, self reliant and confident life is not easy. But making your own way, not dependent, but living free, is the only life worth living. The rewards can be material, but more importantly there are the more abstract, such as  a justified pride and the satisfactions of building, being productive and making a contribution.

Liberals hate us and they never would admit it, even to themselves, but the truth is they would never be able to survive with out us. Somebody has to feed them, build their cars and houses and keep their lights on. That takes conservatives!


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Les B Galt is a retired research biochemist originally from San Diego, CA. He has published 50+ journal articles and a book chapter in the fields of Nephrology and Neuroscience. He and Mrs. Les relocated to the island of Guam in 2004 where Les taught microbiology labs for nursing students at the University of Guam. Since returning stateside in 2011 Les and his wife have lived in Houston TX, San Clemente CA, New York City, and Las Vegas NV. Les is an avid runner and hiker and a two time cancer survivor.
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