MDBJ Shooting, Racial Violence?


Was today’s on air killing of a MDBJ news reporter and cameraman racially motivated,  ‘workplace violence’ or something else? We won’t know for sure util this story develops.

One thing is clear the shooter, according to his own Facebook and Twitter posts, had race on his mind, probably obsessively so. Political Correctness and the “race card” are now justification for cruelty,  hatred, and any crime including cold blooded murder. The real racists are the one’s shouting “Racist!” at the top of their lungs.

Updates coming….

Update 14:31 PDT.

More information is coming in about the motivations of the MDBJ shooter, Bryce Williams. Not surprisingly he was aggrieved about perceived  discrimination  against him for being a black gay man. Evidently he has not fared well in his career as a TV journalist.

Thanks to Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller:

Flanagan’s [Bryce Williams] former co-workers at WDBJ said Wednesday that he was difficult to work with and was always looking for something to be offended about.

One of his bosses said that when Flanagan was fired in 2013, the police had to be called to escort him out of the building.

Flanagan had bounced around from news station to news station throughout the South. In 2000 he filed a lawsuit against a station in Tallahassee claiming that a producer there had called him a “monkey.”

Read more: Chuck Ross TV Shooter Said He Was a Powder Keg……

Update August 27 9:11 PDT

Case Closed

It was racial violence. Bryce Williams was just the latest example of the perpetual, chronically aggrieved self-perceived victim of America. These losers have always been with us, but their numbers or at least their prominence in the public awareness, has waxed or waned with the political climate. We are clearly in a waxing phase with race hustlers like Obama and Sharpton dominating the popular culture.

The Democrat party has always agitated and exploited these weaknesses in human nature.  They perversely inflame the frustrations that we all must endure and, hopefully, overcome in life. And this sad tactic has only multiplied during the Obama regime. It’s sick the way he, without any compunction whatsoever, stirs up racial hatred on an almost daily basis.

Remember, political correctness is nothing less than a weapon deployed to enforce the ideological dogma of the Left. There can be no legitimate debate about any issue. Political correctness seeks to destroy dissent. It will, if left unopposed, criminalize counter points of view and make criminals of people who “debate and disagree” (i)  Many already fear for their jobs, businesses, careers and opportunities if they run afoul of the politically correct Thought Police.

Instapundit blog at pjmedia has the low down in SO HE’S BASICALLY A BLACK DYLANN ROOF Via




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