Money Grubbing Bastards! Clinton Steals from Her Poorest Supporters


Wow. Check this out, an exclusive at via Drudge.

Like porn sites and other sleaze bag operators on the web, the Clinton campaign routinely dings their poorer supporters by making multiple debit and credit card charges, even though its clear the donors intention was to make a one-time donation. Apparently the campaign donor web software is designed to carefully hold the total charges to less than $100 with the purpose of avoiding the bank’s fraud alert systems. An insider at the bank estimates that about $700-$1,200 per day are refunded to irate donors each day. He also revealed that “100s” of calls come into the bank about these over charges, many after having their refund requests rebuffed by the Clinton Campaign fraudsters.

According to the Observer piece:

“Carol Mahre, an 81-year-old grandmother of seven from Minnesota, is one of the victims of Clinton’s campaign donor fraud scandal. In March, Mahre said she made a one-time $25 donation via Clinton’s official campaign website. However, when she received her US Bank card statement, she noticed multiple $25 charges were made. Mahre, who said in an interview she only contributed $25 because she’s “not rich” and that’s all she could afford, contacted her son, Roger Mahre, to help her dispute the unauthorized charges.”

Thankfully Roger is an attorney and is not to be trifled with. He tried to reconcile this with the campaign office but was stone-walled, so he went the local TV News.

Interestingly, Warren Buffets favorite and corrupt bank, Wells Fargo, is in the thick of this scandal too.

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Update: September 16, 2016 14:55 PDT

Zerohedge has more today – Allegations of Fraud


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