Obama’s Contempt for His Young Supporters



Obama’s two term reign (of ruin) is due, in no small part, to the disproportionate support he receives from younger twenty somethings. To this day Obama feels most comfortable giving his speeches/political pitches to small (select) groups of students on various college campuses.

It is a wonder that so little erosion in their support has thus far been manifest. This may be changing with the realities of Obamacare. There are some rattlings of revolt, see “The Can Kicks Back”.  Like most elements of his base, Obama openly condescends to these young voters, even to a point of contempt.

Take a look at the bleak future/prospects Obama has wrought for these young people. If they attend college, they are saddled with average student loan debts exceeding $35,000 (i). The jobs they supposedly trained for in college just don’t exist in Obama’s economy. Most must stay at home with Mom & Dad, or take a job for which their degree is not required, and probably part-time at that. And now they will not only bear the burden of Social Security taxes, as did previous generations, but will be the main source of funding for Obamacare. This was the plan from the beginning.  The so-called “young invincibles” or “free riders” as Nancy Pelosi has called them, must pay the bulk of the freight for coverages that most do not want or need. This is doubly sad and a real detriment to their futures. They should be starting a family, buying their first home, and starting to build wealth. No, that’s not a dirty word and it’s not an ignoble aspiration either. The Obamas may look askew at others that may strive for success in the corporate world, but watch what they do. Their lust for luxury and self-indulgence is unrivaled.

The level of condescension of the Left is amazing. Have you seen the ads targeting the ‘millennials’,  Gen-Y/X etc? They try to sell  Obamacare in what amounts to a “moral hazard“. In essence, one may act irresponsibly and take undue risks because they “got insurance“! This is actually quite ironic, because the “young invincibles” perceive (correctly) that their health risks are low and that resources (money) are better used in acquiring property and other assets.  Instead, the Left would have them engage in promiscuity and drunken beer keg Bacchanals.  Thanks! Obamacare! Because you “got insurance” you can and should act stupidly.



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