Speaking of Wal-Mart, and Why Statists Hate It

It’s back-to-school time, and in many public school districts that means parents must shop for a long list of basic school supplies. Rough math might suggest that funding should be adequate to cover this cost. For example, the per pupil expenditure in California for 2011 was $9138.77(i). That would total $274,163.10 per 30-student classroom. (Note, total revenue was $11,048.26 per student or $331,447.80 per classroom). These expenditures, supposedly, include Administration costs of only about 11%. Capital outlays and other costs are not included but bond revenue would, presumably, cover some of those costs. School plant maintenance is usually allocated funds in the 3% range. So, each class should have revenues of  $30K or so per month to cover the teacher’s salary/benefits, textbooks, utilities etc. Even a salary and benefits package of $12oK for ‘Teach’ would leave over $20K per month! Even so, schools expect parents (and grandparents, in many cases) to fork over the aforementioned back-to-school supplies.

This is where Wal-Mart comes to the rescue!


Wal-Mart Back-to-School is a life, and pocket book, saver for parents and grandparents. We shopped back-to-school for 4 of the grand kids: #2 pencils-20pack, $0.97, glue sticks-2pack, $0.50, crayon packs, $0.25, scissors-2pack, $0.75, notebooks, $0.17 each, binder pouches, $0.25, Elmer’s glue, $0.50, erasers-25 count, $0.97 and so on. 4-6 isles were dedicated to Back-to-School all at guaranteed rock bottom prices.

This may be the real basis for Leftist hatred for Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart actually does far more tangible good for middle and lower income people than any (wasteful) government give-away program and, after all, the Left cannot tolerate any entity that efficiently, effectively, and by free choice offers an alternative to big government.


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