The Climb Back to Freedom, It’s only a Beginning

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Look at them..

They are corrupt, cynical, full of hate. They are parasites, the only way for them to thrive or even survive is to latch on, insinuate themselves into the body politic and suck the life out of it. 

I’ve always wondered why they are so vehement, so single minded and determined in the struggle for political power. They are never deterred, never restrained by any moral compunction, code of conduct, or law.

It’s as if, for them, a political contest is a matter of life or death. But that is what we often fail to comprehend about the Left. For them it IS life itself  that is at stake. 

They are consumed by a lust for power, by overarching greed.  Yet, they are full of hate and contempt for the middle class, the very people who provide for them, feed them, and make their very lives possible. 

They have never been able to fully hide their contempt for “bitter clingers” or the “deplorables”.  And now their hatred and contempt is completely unmasked, vociferously shouted out. Whitelash! [Van Jones], racists!, homophobes!, islamophobes!, sexists!, xenophobes! and on and on. And let us not forget, Russians!

Yeah, that’s right, if you believe in God, the rule of law, ordered liberty, a civil society, common decency, then you are “irredeemable” [HRC].

Please. We must not falter. We have only been given a short reprieve, only a small chance, really. The struggle has only just begun. This is like 1942. We know the enemy and are engaged. We have a long difficult struggle ahead but, with grim determination we will prevail and make America Great Again. It’s time to root out these parasites, once and for all.

Update: January 19

Why so glum? Trump was/is on his way to the White House. From


As Lt Col and former congressman Allen West observed: “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Look at the body language: the closed-off, crossed arms, the glum frowns.  Poor little fragile snowflakes. Pathetic.


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